Friday, November 28, 2014


Phaleria clerodendron "Native Daphne" 

wow - how much more floriferous could you get???

Viola hederacea NATIVE VIOLET in Hangers, perfect gifts for xmas, or to have hanging with the edibles near the kitchen

clearly the best Grevillea ROYAL MANTLE we have ever grown!

Phyllanthus cuscutiflorus PINK PHYLLANTHUS FLUSHING NOW - great small tree 


FLUSHING CALLISTEMON GREAT BALLS OF FIRE - very hardy and snazzy looking Callistemon suitable for hedges or specimens in the garden!

Stunning Casuarina glauca prostrates, Cousin It or Shagpile, in 140's and 200's all fresh and gorgeous

this is what the Acacia podalyrifolia MT MORGAN WATTLE looks like when it gets to a couple of meters, great fast growing screen tree!

Pandorea LADY DI flowering now in 140's

Hibbertia obtusifolia looking great, loving the heat!

New release Hibbertia Little Rocker, fantastic form of vestita, in flower now!

The Anigozanthos Kings Park Federation Flame speaks for itself

Anigozanthos Big Red in flower now too

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hibbertia Sunshine

Grevillea Elegance

Ptilotus Pheonix

Dendrobiums on 20cm blocks in flower

Astartea Winter Pink

Boronia Bliss Bomb

Chorizema illicifolium "Flame Pea"

Bulbine glauca "Native Leek"

Thysanotus in flower

30 Year Old Orchids in flower

Dendrobium hybrids in full flower in 30cm pots

Breeders private collection now on sale

Dwarf King Orchids

Dendrobium Apple Blossom in flower in 25cm pots

Dendrobium pedunculata white in flower in 30cm pots

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Picks of the week

Grevillea Kay Williams

Dendrobiums kingianum in 25cm pots, in flower

Dendrobium speciosum "King Orchids" in flower in 25cm pots

Dendrobiums mixed in flower on 20cm blocks

Alyogyne West Coast Gem in flower

Philotheca Ruby Cascade

Ozothamnus Radiance

Astartea Winter Pink

Boronia Bliss Bomb

Monday, August 18, 2014

Spring has sprung at Gondwana

thanks to everyone who visited us at the Gold Coast Expo last week, it was great to catch up with you and to meet our new customers too!

Hypacallyma angustifolia starting to flower now

Dampiera Glasshouse Glory in flower now

Hibbertia Sunburst in flower now

Chamelaucium's in full flower

Grevillea Elegance Grafted for longevity! In flower now.

Amazing colour of the Grevillea Sunset Bronze flowers

Ptilotus strutting their outrageously interesting flowers

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Grevillea Lana Maree, another fabulous grafted grevillea flowering most of the year.
and this is wickhamii subs. aprica - amazing show of flowers through autumn and winter. Rare and outstanding!

Grevillea Honey Barbara, just flowers and flowers, right through autumn and winter

A new favourite for its gorgeous soft lime foliage, hardy in most situations too!